Full Throttle: Day 6

Day six began with a breakfast of champions. Cold meat, bread and cheese, presented in a way that only the Germans know how. Thankfully the coffee is decent and the fruit is fresh.
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We finished up this morning with a factory tour at Wiesmann, and were staggered at how much effort and attention to detail goes into each car. To transform something from fibreglass and aluminium to the work of art that is a GT MF5 is truly staggering.

We also interviewed Friedhelm Wiesmann, and were impressed by his passion and professionalism.


But after a brief blast down the autobahn in the MF5, it was time to leave and head south to Kempton, the home of Audi tuners ABT.

This meant cramming all gear – two broadcast HD cameras, still cameras, tripods, mounts and luggage for five people - back into the Ford Focus station wagon and stuffing five guys in a space meant for three.


Of course it meant we had to all display a little patience, as when the Navman had the address punched in, we were told that a six hour, 653km journey awaited us. Oh dear. As it turns out, it was even longer, with road works washing off our speed, and fuel and toilet stops needed on a regular basis.

I say needed, because we never actually did. The result? The fuel light coming on with around 50kms to our destination. So, it was a race to see whether we would make it to the hotel.

With a service station around two kilometres from the hotel, it was a sure bet we would make it without any hassles. That was until Alborz decided to drive straight past.

“Don’t worry guys, it’s only two kays. It’s all good. We’ll make it.” Famous last words. With the SatNav showing 480 metres left, the engine spluttered and died. Alborz’s head sunk into his hands, and the rear of the car erupted in laughter.

It was three degrees outside, and beginning to rain. Being the caring, sympathetic bunch that we are, we made him walk one-and-a-half kilometres back to the servo, buy a jerry can, buy fuel and walk back. Well, it was warmer in the car. Which is where we stayed until he got back.

Once he filled up, we drove off. Without him. No, we weren’t that cruel, we did come and pick him up again. But he learned his lesson. He won’t be doing that again.

Tomorrow is our first day with Audi and Volkswagen tuner ABT, so stay, ahem, tuned to find out more.