Toyota’s first-ever hydrogen fuel cell vehicle will be badged ‘Mirai’, according to a source familiar with the decision.
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The unnamed source revealed the name of the all-new model, which means ‘future’ in Japanese, to Bloomberg, though asked not to be identified as the decision has not yet been made public.

Toyota has trademarked the Mirai name in the US, adding weight to the source’s claim.

A company spokesman declined to comment on the rumoured Toyota Mirai nameplate, confirming only that the car’s name would be announced closer to its launch. The Japanese car maker continues to refer to the hydrogen-powered model by its concept name, FCV.


Toyota revealed the production version of its fuel cell vehicle last month ahead of its initial rollout in Japan in April followed by the US and Europe in mid-2015.

The innovative new model features a fuel cell stack that generates electricity as a result of the chemical reaction between hydrogen and oxygen, where water vapour is the only bi-product. Toyota anticipates the vehicle will deliver a cruising range of up to 500km and will be capable of being recharged in about three minutes.

The car maker says the new model will cost about seven million yen ($73,000) in Japan.

Australia’s non-existent hydrogen infrastructure and the anticipated high cost and low demand mean the fuel cell vehicle is unlikely to be available on our shores in the foreseeable future.