Toyota Camry Headlight Dimmer Switch Recall
Toyota Camry Headlight Dimmer Switch Recall
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Make & Model: Toyota Camry

Product Model: ACV36R and MCV36R

Number of vehicles affected: 144,589

Model Years From: June 2002 through May 2006

VIN Range: ACV36R. WMI 6T1. VDS 53BK36. VIS 0X000001 ~ 0X107554. MCV36R. WMI 6T1. VDS 53XK36. VIS 0X270001 ~ 0X321501

Whats wrong: The headlamp switch contact points over time may oxidise (corrode) due to insufficient current flow through the switch. This oxidation may cause the headlamps (low or high beam) to flicker without warning and in the worst case may cause the headlamps to extinguish momentarily.

What should you do: All owners of affected vehicles will be contacted individually by letter.