Sequential shift | Tiptronic-style

Sequential shift | Tiptronic-style
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Sequential shift also known as "Tiptronic-style" automatic. Although the name sounds fancy it is simply an automatic transmission with the ability for the driver to change gears up or down (without a clutch) as desired. It is not a clutchless manual, which dispenses with a clutch pedal (the clutch is controlled electronically) but in most other respects it operates as a manual transmission.

The Advantages for a Sequential shift:

  • It is quicker. For example, to go from 2nd to 3rd gear in a manul gearbox using the "H" pattern, the driver has to push the lever up, over and up again. Which takes a great deal more time then simply pushing the lever up
  • It is the same motion to change every gear up, or down.
  • Hard to cause engine and gearbox damage by putting the car into the wrong gear.

The Disadvantages for a Sequential shift:

  • Doesn't feel like a manual
  • Not as fun (but we are just splitting hairs here)

The Majority of race cars (for example Formula 1) use this type of transmission. A great deal of everyday sports (Porsche) cars also use this type of transmission.