FT2: TechART GTStreet R and GTStreet RS

In our contact with TechArt it quickly became apparent that these were not merely tuned Porsches we were dealing with, they were works of art with an engine.
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Each TechArt vehicle is held in such high regard that while in company hands all unnecessary driving is avoided to keep the vehicles in pristine condition, so naturally CarAdvice has been able to secure not one, but two of these amazing creations.

Further to this point, the CarAdvice team will take the helm of TechArt’s flagship range – the GTStreet R and GTStreet RS – based on Porsche’s own current flagship 911 GT2.

With an incomprehensible 515kW and maximum torque of 860Nm available, it staggers the mind to think these figures are no longer merely numbers on a page – we will be driving these cars.

Their appearance is both radical and functional, with the GTstreet Aerodynamic Package adding 10kg of downforce on both the front and rear axles at a speed of 140km/h, good to know for the unrestricted German autobahns.