Chevrolet Cruze cabin revealed

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General Motors has released the first official image of the cabin of the new-generation 2015 Chevrolet Cruze, though it will be years before any such design is seen in Australia.

The image seen here is taken from the Chinese-market Cruze, the exterior of which was premiered at the 2014 Beijing motor show in April.

However, this is no cost-cutting, developing-market special, with swooping lines, up-to-the-minute infotainment and the use of premium materials throughout. Expect the design to carry over to the US version that goes on sale later in 2015.

Highlights include the dual-cockpit design lifted in spirit from the Camaro, the sporty instrument cluster, ambient blue lighting, leather on the dash and door panels and GM’s latest MyLink II infotainment system.


Building on the current Cruze’s nigh-on class-leading space, GM is also claiming the new version has best-in-segment rear knee room, a feature that will stand it in especially good stead in China.

But here is the kicker; you are unlikely to see this design in Australian Holden showrooms until at least the end of 2017 … if at all.

The company has previously pledged to produce an updated version of the current Cruze sedan and hatch in Australia until its factory closes at the end of that year, and is hardly likely to introduce a newer version of the Cruze concurrently.

A more likely scenario is that it will sell the current Cruze (with a subtle facelift) alongside the next-generation Astra hatch, coupe and — potentially — wagon from 2015 until the South Australian plant shuts and it becomes a full importer.


From there, Holden could opt to import the next Cruze, the cabin of which you see here, as a sedan proposition to sell concurrently with the Astra that lacks a sedan option, a la Hyundai with its i30 and Elantra range.

Since the new Cruze is so US- and China-focused, and those markets vastly prefer sedans, GM seems likely not to bother with a new-generation Cruze hatch at all, especially since it no longer sells Chevrolets in Europe.

Based on GM’s D2XX architecture, the new Cruze – both the Western and Chinese versions – will use new-generation Ecotec downsized engines, including 110kW/235Nm 1.4-litre turbocharged unit matched to a dual-clutch automatic transmission.