Honda Legend : no new model for Australia

The Honda Legend will not be replaced when the current car is phased out of the local line-up later this year.
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Honda Australian director Stephen Collins told CarAdvice there was “no current plan” to bring the all-new Legend to our market, confirming the nameplate would be retired with the current, fourth-generation model, which is still available in small numbers despite production ending in 2012.

“It’s been very much a low-volume car for us,” Collins said. “[It’s] a really, really tough price segment that $80,000-$90,000 luxury car.”

The successor to the outgoing Legend is sold as the Acura RLX (pictured below) in North America, and a right-hand-drive version of that car is set to go on sale in Japan this year badged as the Legend.


The Legend nameplate was first introduced to Australia in 1986. It was sold continuously until 2004, then reintroduced in its current form in 2006. Sales of the fourth-gen model peaked at 404 in 2006, though have declined steadily since. It claimed the title of Australia’s third-worst-selling car of 2013, when just eight were sold across the country.

Collins said Honda Australia was taking a “never say never” approach to the large luxury sedan, but admitted it was not a priority at this stage.

“We’ll continue to look at it … but I think our focus is more on core cars.

“I’d love to see it come back one day, but we’ll just wait and see. With all the Europeans it’s quite a fiercely fought segment, and with others now entering it’s pretty tough now I think.”

Honda dealers have limited stock of the Legend, which has a list price of $76,135.