Land Rover has developed groundbreaking new technology that could mean the end of vehicles becoming bogged off road, CarAdvice can reveal.
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The heavily patented system uses a highly complex algorithm that marries the anti-lock brakes (ABS) with the traction control to carefully regulate the amount of torque to each individual wheel.

Jaguar Land Rover’s director of product creation and delivery, Bob Joyce, says the unique technology has been tested extensively using a variety of vehicles and terrains including sand, mud, ruts and rock, with a 100 per cent success rate.

Jaguar Land Rover technology1

He describes the workings of the system as extraordinary.

“Once the vehicle is completely stuck, you simply hit the dedicated ‘get out of trouble’ button and the wheels virtually pulsate forward (or back), allowing it to crawl out of the bog,” said Joyce.

The technology has also been tested on two-wheel-drive cars, with similar success rates.

Asked if we can expect to see this miracle off-road system on Land Rover vehicles soon, Mr Joyce replied with a resounding ‘yes’.