The Jaguar F-Type Roadster has been roasted by critics far and wide for its tiny, oddly shaped cargo hold - but a new boot bag from French designer Moynat could change all that.
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For the uninitiated, the F-Type's boot is largely occupied by its spare wheel, making for an awkward 196-litre capacity that is split on either side of the central spare (see below).


The new bag was crafted to fit the British convertible's behind by French luggage specialists Moynat as a way of celebrating the opening of a new store in London. The company claims it took 900 hours to design and create the bag, which was created using eight layers of moulded wood and covered in dark grey leather.

Jaguar says the bag has an electric scooter inside for urban commuting. And if that isn't bad enough news for F-Type owners, the Moynat bag is apparently a one-off. We're going to hazard a guess and suggest that may well change.

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