Peugeot has today announced plans it intends to to auction off part of its large historic and rare car collection to help raise funds for future conservation efforts.
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The auction, to be held on June 14, will feature approximately 50 vehicles including classic passenger cars from the 1920-60 period as well as racing models and concept cars stored at the carmaker's l'Aventure Peugeot (Peugeot Adventure) museum in Sochaux, eastern France.

Created in 1988, the Peugeot museum collection includes more than 450 cars, 300 motorcycles and bicycles, and thousands of other manufactured products that have worn the company's lion trademark over the last 150 years.

Peugeot has not yet released a complete list of cars it intends to sell, but museum director Loic Henouil said that Peugeot will limit the sale to duplicates from its collection.


Henoui said that the Peugeot sale was part of daily business and that there was definitely no links between this event and the current economic crisis.

The French carmaker's decision to cull its collection came just two months after General Motors sold more than 250 rare cars from its Heritage Fleet at a collector car auction in Scottsdale, Arizona.