BMW M-division engineering boss Albert Biermann has revealed an M7 super-limousine is being considered.
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Speaking to Autocar, Biermann said if a 7 Series were to receive the M-treatment, it would sit atop BMW’s range as a flagship performance sedan.

Biermann also revealed the M division would take a different approach to performance tuner Alpina, which currently produces the 397kW V8 B7, a revised 7 Series majoring in high-speed cruising ability.

“I would love to compete in this area of the market,” Biermann said. “The money is just there to pick up. A M7 would be a much different proposition to the B7.”

Despite his keenness, Biermann admitted a M7 is not a current priority for BMW’s performance division. Instead, development is currently focused on core models like the recently revealed M3 and M4, as well as follow-ups for the X5/X6M performance SUVs.

BMW 7 Series M Sport Interior

Potential new M-models under consideration include a M3 version of the 3 Series GT crossover, which would be released in 2016, and four-wheel-drive versions of the next M5 and M6. While BMW M is not planning to expand its X-model range beyond the X5 and X6, Biermann did revealed 'M Performance' versions of the X3 and upcoming X4 are under consideration , in line with Audi’s S-model approach for its SUV approach.

“There are so many nice things you could do with unlimited money,” Biermann said.

In addition to Biermann's comments, at the Frankfurt motor show in September BMW M division product planning manager Carston Pries told CarAdvice "there is a lot of activity going on at BMW M."

“We are talking about six [M] models already and that won’t be the end of this story.

"We always think about additions, but it has to be sensible additions."