QLD Police officers are under investigation for a chase that led to a four-car crash, injuries to two innocent motorists and a wrongful arrest.
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A reported stolen vehicle led to a police chase in Slacks Creek in Brisbane's south on monday. The vehicle collided with a white sedan having ran a red light.

The sedan smashed into a stationary car and a set of traffic lights before coming to rest on the westbound side of Compton Road.

However, despite the recent death of an innocent school girl in Red Cliff due to a police chase, QLD police have not changed their policy of giving chase, regardless of circumstances.

The mistakes get ever bigger as the the driver of the stolen vehicle fled the scene by hailing a taxi, whilst police arrested an innocent 18 year old man instead.

Motorist Chris Robbins said he was tackled by a policeman when he got out of his damaged car.

"He jumped out and grabbed me and put me on the back of his car," Mr Robbins told Network Seven.

The Queensland Police Service's Ethical Standards Command is investigating the incident.

When will QLD police realise that a stolen car is not worth endangering the lives of innocent pedestrians and motorists?