The Australian Motoring Enthusiasts Party (AMEP) has secured a Senate seat with Victorian Ricky Muir becoming one of the biggest surprises to come out of the 2013 Federal election.
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The Australian Electoral Commission (AEC) today announced the results of the count for the election of six Senators for Victoria with Gippsland local Muir set to officially enter the Senate for AMEP.

According to the party's official website, Muir is a dedicated four-wheel-drive enthusiast who loves to explore and enjoy interesting areas away from the main roads with his family, however, takes issue with increasing restrictions to them.

Muir also believes that AMEP can make an impact on issues such as road safety and driver education.

“The previous Government laid out an ambitious plan to improve our education system Australia-wide, but no one has taken a similar national approach to equipping young drivers with the skills needed to survive on our roads,” Muir said.

“Other countries have dedicated programs that gradually expose young people to the dynamics and responsibilities of driving. I believe this country owes it to our kids and their parents to instil an attitude that driving is a serious responsibility and a privilege.”

Muir has previously acknowledged community concerns that the AMEP may be linked with ‘hoon’ behaviour, saying, “I want to emphasise from the outset that driving which endangers life is not acceptable to our Party, nor the people who represent it.”


AEC state manager for Victoria Jeff Pope said over 92,000 electors chose to vote below-the-line in Victoria, representing approximately three per cent of formal ballots cast.

“As with all aspects of the count, the automated distribution of preferences undertaken today was open to scrutineers appointed by the candidates,” Pope said.

Muir, along with the other successful candidates from more conventional parties such as the Liberal/Nationals coalition, the Australian Labor Party and the Greens, will be formally declared at 10:00am tomorrow in Melbourne with all candidates and member of the public welcome to attend.

Formed in May, the Australian Motoring Enthusiasts Party says it aims to act as the political voice for a wide range of motoring enthusiasts, including owners of modified, classic and 4WD vehicles.