Alfa Romeo reveals 4C-inspired, $5K road bike

Alfa Romeo has decided to launch a road bike, the ‘Alfa Romeo 4C IFD’, inspired by its lauded 4C sports car.
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Handmade in Italy by Compagnia Ducale, the 4C ‘Innovative Frame Design’ references Alfa’s efforts to create a frame as light as possible, which in turn is the same engineering principle behind the 4C. The end result is a bike with a dry weight of 6.9kg.

The carbonfibre half-tube structure of the 4C IFD means this road bike uses the same material as the 4C sportscar’s chassis, and it, too, comes in classic Alfa Romeo red.

According to Alfa, the “sporty, light and innovative” 4C IFD is the “ideal companion of the amazing Alfa Romeo 4C” and is a “perfect combination of passion and future”.

Unlike the 4C sportscar, which will wear a local sticker price beneath $80,000 has stunned the industry, the 4C IFD is not yet confirmed for Australia.

It will, however, go on sale in America, Asia and Europe in December, priced from 3500 euros ($5000) to 9000 euros ($12,200), depending on the ‘equipment’ level.