Porsche Cayenne hits quarter million

Love it or loathe it a lot of people want to be seen driving a Porsche Cayenne and last week the German company built its 250,000 Cayenne at its Leipzig plant, reaching the mark after the first Cayenne was built in 2002.
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Interestingly, and a sign of the times, the 250,000 Porsche Cayenne was a diesel

“The introduction of the Cayenne as our third model line was an important strategic step for Porsche," explained Dr Wendelin Wiedeking, chairman of the board of Porsche AG.

“The five-seat SUV is not only a great addition to the range for our many long-term Porsche customers, but it also opens up to us an entirely new customer segment,” he added.

Porsche says that thanks to its typical Porsche genes, the easy-to-handle Cayenne uniquely combines sportiness with robustness and absolute off-road capability.

Porsche sold 150,000 vehicles worldwide from the first generation Cayenne and since the market launch of the second generation in March 2007, has been able to increase sales even further.


Australia is an important market for Porsche’s SUV and since local sales began in 2003, some 2861 Cayennes have been sold here (according to VFACTS figures to the end of February 2009).

Porsche recently expanded production at the Leipzig plant to meet increased worldwide demand for the Cayenne.

The local Cayenne range will expand to six models next month with the introduction of the Cayenne Diesel.

“The Cayenne has been a critical car for Australia,” said Porsche Cars Australia managing director, Michael Winkler.

“Since the introduction of the Cayenne we have been able to offer our sports car customers the sporting thrills in a five-seater Porsche the whole family can enjoy.

“All our Cayenne models blend typical Porsche on-road driving dynamics with the type of off-road capability that enables the car to go anywhere in Australia.”