With the EuroNCAP rating system having recently undergone a review, Honda has had its Accord Euro model re-assessed to make certain the five-star vehicle still achieves the same result - with resounding success.
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The new rating scheme uses a weighted score, combining many aspects of a car’s safety performance: adult (50 percent), child (20 percent) and pedestrian (20 percent) protection assessment results with the availability of safety assistance devices (10 percent).

A minimum score of 70 percent overall is necessary to achieve a five-star rating. To qualify for inclusion, the safety assistance device Electronic Stability Program (Vehicle Stability Assistance for Honda) must be fitted, as standard across 85 per cent of the manufacturer's 2009 model range.

Under the new system, the Honda Accord Euro has scored a maximum possible five-star rating with an overall weighted score of 78 percent.

Previously the Accord Euro scored five-stars for adult occupant safety, four-stars for child occupant safety rating and a three-star pedestrian protection score.