Mercedes-Benz has revealed it is researching ways to integrate Google Glass technology into its future vehicle range.
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Despite Google Glass still being in the development phase, the German marque is already working on one project that would combine Glass with Comand, Mercedes’ in-car infotainment and navigation system.


North America research and development CEO Johann Jungwirth told the Silicon Valley Business Journal the project would allow for a “seamless” transition between in-car and pedestrian navigation.


The project envisions a driver selecting a destination from home, driving as far as possible by using their in-car navigation system, then receiving any remaining directions as a walking route via Google Glass.

The project isn't exactly revolutionary; many smartphone owners likely already use their smartphones to give continued directions when their car can't drive any further. Regardless, you can be sure that if Mercedes does introduce the technology, it will be seen throughout the industry soon after.