Ferrari bans employees from sending viral emails

Ferrari has issued a bizarre mandate to its employees, banning them from sending emails to more than three co-workers at a time.
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The iconic Italian manufacturer says the new directive – intended to crackdown on the distribution and receipt of viral emails between its workers – will “incentivise more efficient and direct communication within the company”.

“The injudicious sending of emails with dozens of recipients often on subjects with no relevance to most of the latter is one of the main causes of time wastage and inefficiency in the average working day in business,” the company’s official statement reads.

Ferrari has therefore decided to nip the problem in the bud by issuing a very clear and simple instruction to its employees: talk to each other more and write less.”


Enforced from this week, the new rule dictates that each Ferrari employee may only send the same email to three people in-house.

We’re not sure what’s more peculiar: the fact that Ferrari highlighted its strict new email policy on the homepage of its global website, or that it saw a need to encourage Italians to talk more…