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Volkswagen Buggy Up design patented

The Volkswagen Buggy Up! concept has had its design patent approved in the US, indicating the car could be edging closer to production reality.
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The car was first unveiled at the 2011 Frankfurt motor show along with five other Volkswagen Up! concept variants, including the Cross Up!, a car that has already been revealed.

The application for the patent was first made in March 2012, five months after the show car was unveiled.

The two-seat car is an obvious successor to the iconic Myers Manx beach buggies that were popular in California during the 1960s. That car combined a fiberglass body with the original Beetle’s basic mechanicals.


The Volkswagen Buggy Up! would, unsurprisingly, be based upon the standard city car’s body, with moulded plastic parts in place of the regular car’s steel panels. As well as having no doors, the concept featured a waterproof cockpit with neoprene seats and drainage holes in the car's seats and floor.

The patent will last for 14 years – plenty of time for Volkswagen to get the Buggy Up! beach-ready.