2009 Toyota Hybrid Camry Concept at MIMS

Toyota Australia has unveiled its HC-CV (Hybrid Camry Concept Vehicle), marking the start of a 12-month countdown to the launch of Australia’s first locally produced hybrid car.
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The hybrid Camry uses a four-cylinder petrol engine linked to an electric motor, developing more power than a similar non-hybrid engine while delivering better fuel economy.


Toyota Australia president and chief executive officer Max Yasuda said the concept car was the most important vehicle on the company’s motor show stand.

“The startling paintwork, dramatic lines and sporty appearance of this concept car convey the excitement and passion in our company to produce Australia’s first hybrid car,” Mr Yasuda said.“The hybrid Camry – which will share some key design features with the HC-CV – will play a key role in bringing the future to the Australian automotive manufacturing sector.”

The new hybrid echoes the latest Toyota Hybrid styling cues pioneered by the new generation Prius, with vertical fog lamps, larger lower opening and a streamlined upper grille.

“The crisp corners indicate aerodynamic efficiency, while the overall styling feel is efficient, yet dynamic,”

The interior uses contrasting coloured trim, contrasted by metallic blue highlights applied asymmetrically to the seats - theme which continues to the exterior.


The seat embossing echoes the exterior grille mesh with a tree bark-like pattern. White stitching adds a subtle, yet premium touch. Satin chrome accents tie in with the exterior and add to the tranquil environment.