BMW CS Concept - BMW 8 Series?

BMW need a new car, with the Aston Martin Rapide out and about and the Porsche Panamera set to go on sale in 2008, the German power house has decided to try its luck at the four door supercar market, and they've come out with this:
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Going on display at the Shanghai Auto Show today, the concept car (which is not currently scheduled for production) is based on the next-generation of BMW’s 7-series design, nonetheless its a little longer, wider and best of all, a little lower than the 2007 BMW 7 Series.

BMW have taken Volvo's approach with the C30 and made this car a four seater, after all, why make an uncomfortable 5 seater when you can make a super comfortable four seater?

BMW CS Concept - BMW 8 Series Rear

The car rides on 21 inch rims and according to current sources not only is there a possibility that this car will end up being a BMW 8 series but it is currently powered by the M5/M6's super powerful V10... morphed into a V12.

BMW CS Concept - BMW 8 Series?

Much like how they morphed the V10 into a V8 for the new BMW M3.

BMW CS Concept - BMW 8 Series Interior

Will it go into production? Our guess is that it will, but not for another 4-5 years.