Porsche Cayman GT3 under consideration

The chief engineer of the all-new 991-generation Porsche 911 GT3 has confirmed that producing a hardcore, GT3-style version of the mid-engined Cayman is “under discussion”.
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Speaking at the official public reveal of the 911 GT3, Andreas Preuninger asked rhetorically “[with Cayman] can we emulate the success of the GT3?

“Maybe, I don’t see why not…”

Preuninger confessed that testing has been conducted for a more track-focused, hardcore Cayman model but reinforced that a final decision had not yet been made.

When pushed further about the likelihood of it appearing, however, the engineering boss smiled and said that “I like mid-engined cars…

“Nothing more needs to be said.”

It would appear almost a certainty that Porsche will introduce a more expensive version of the Cayman, which currently tops out in road-based Cayman S PDK guise. While the car could be badged GTS – that moniker is currently reserved for 911 models late in their life cycle, and the Panamera and Cayenne – that nameplate would suggest a road-biased Cayman model.

How far up the GT chain Porsche would go is unclear – whether it would choose GT2, GT3, or GT3 RS for the Cayman, and whether it would produce a breed of high-priced flagship variants.

With the 911 GT3 now available with a PDK transmission only, the Cayman may exist as an opportunity to re-capture GT loyalists who value simplicity and do-it-yourself transmission shifting.