2007 Honda Civic Sedan

Honda Australian has updated its Civic sedan range. The new civic has been doing considerably well compared to the last generation (with a sale increase of 94%).
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Honda Australia doesn't share the same image of Honda UK which is seen by many as making cars "your grandmother would love". Furthemore the perception that Honda's are tough Japanese cars hasn't given much emphasis that the new civics are all made in Thailand! (with the exception of the hybrid which is a direct import from Japan).

The new sedan range comes with the following updates:

  • 16-inch alloys

Civic Sport

  • 17-inch alloys as well a full-sized alloy.

Honda has decided not to increase the price given the competitive market. The new Honda Civic Sedan starts at just $21,490 for the VTi manual and goes all the way to $32,990 for the Japanese built Civic hybrid.

As we mentioned previously fans of the Type-R badge need to rush into Honda dealers to secure a Type-R Civic. The Type-Rs are built in the UK but given the strong pound and issues with bringing the car to Australia, there have been some delays.

Nonetheless, expect 1,000 Typre-R Civics landing in Australia by mid year.