Volkswagen expands BlueMotion range

Volkswagen have announced today plans to expand its BlueMotion environmental technologies across four new models.
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The new models include three Passat models (the BlueMotion, Blue TDI and TSI EcoFuel), as well as the Touareg V6 TSI Hybrid.

Passat BlueMotion and Blue TDI models use clean-diesel technology to provide fuel efficient and environmentally friendly transport. Passat Blue TDI even conforms to the 2014 Euro-6 emissions regulations.

The Passat TSI EcoFuel model on the other hand runs on compressed natural gas, making it the world’s first turbocharged and supercharged direct-injection engine configured for natural gas.

As Volkswagen's first production hybrid vehicle though the Touareg V6 TSI Hybrid has drawn the most excitment from the announcement and uses the same 3.0-litre supercharged V6 found in the AUDI S4 coupled to an eight-speed automatic transmission.


Nickel-metal hydride batteries will power the SUV’s electric motor, which can carry the Touareg up to 50km/h on electric power alone.

Although the Touareg V6 TSI Hybrid has the greenest of intentions, it will still be able to tow 3150kgs (braked) and accelerate from 0-100km/h in under seven seconds (official fuel economy figures have not yet been released).

Touareg V6 TSI Hybrid will enter production sometime in early 2010.