How to Crash an Audi R8

First it was this Ferrari, than the Ferrari Enzo than a Bugatti Veyron, and now, Winding Road reports an Audi R8 (RS8 prototype to be precise) has crashed at Nürburgring. Its not a good year for supercars:
Audi R8 crash
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“With just hours to go on the last test day, the worst thing happened to the Audi test team. Just coming into the part Brünnchen at the Nürburgring, this million euro expensive Audi RS8 prototype caught fire and burned up totally. There is not much left of this super fast super car with a V10 engine.
The only thing revealing that it was the RS8 are the wheels and the mid-engine layout…
…The fire really took it all; nothing is left from the beautiful aluminium body. Just the roll bar survived the fire making the remainders of the car look like a skeleton. The fire was probably started by an oil or gasoline leak. But most important, the driver didn’t get hurt, according to our information.”
Audi R8 crash
Audi R8 crash
Audi R8 crash Nürburgring