2008 Ford Falcon - Codename "Orion"

Ford is keen - make that desperate - to get back into the large car segment with arms swinging.
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Holden's VE Commodore, although not 'better' in most regards than the BF Falcon is currently leading the sales race. Holden's revitalised Commodore has seen a refresh of interior styling, along with a raft of suspension, transmission and safety changes.

With that said, CarAdvice has obtained some information from inside sources that suggest the new Falcon could be heading overseas.

According to CarAdvice sources, the new Falcon (codenamed "Orion") has a new and streamlined style. The new Falcon now conforms with Mitsubishi's 380, along with Holden's Commodore whereby the side profile slopes upward toward the rear, creating a higher boot-line and easier flowing shape.

"Orion" has also seen a shift in the positioning of the fuel tank (closer to the centre of the vehicle) to comply with U.S standards - hinting at a possible export deal with Ford America (although we've been informed this has already been done on the BF model).

Other changes include a changed front-end, including curved headlights and pedestrian friendly impact protection. The interior remains similar to the current Falcon, changes include a greater defined centre shaft between the driver and front passenger. This could also possibly include a rework of the speedometer/tachometer cluster to include a small LCD display.

Inside sources have also hinted at Diesel technology for the upcoming model. Such an engine could be sourced from Jaguar in the way of a twin-turbo 2.7-litre V6 unit, currently also used in some Peugeot models. This would be a big boost for Ford sales and would force Holden to counter the move.

Safety features will include the introduction of an Electronic Stability Program (ESP) or Dynamic Stability Program (DSC) - same thing, different name - across the range, matching Holden's current offering.

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