VolksWagen Kombi Coming back?

So I was a little surpised to see this picture too! What the? Aw right, its the new VolksWagen Kombi, not that new it seems either, apparently its been on offer for some time, I can't say I have seen one Kombi (new or old) on the road the last month. Look at it! What the heck? What is it doing on the beach? No cars on Australian Beaches thanks! Definitely not one as ugly as that. Seems like VW aren't happy with the money they made bringing back the Beatle. So now they are trying to use the branding power of their iconic cars to increase sales! How UnGerman. I find it funny how VolksWagen describe the Kombi:
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As most of the Australian population lives near the ocean, it’s no surprise that the beach reserves a special place in our identity. The other icon that springs to mind with the beach is the Kombi. The very word ‘Kombi’ represents freedom, casual style and good old fashioned fun.

The word Kombi represents Freedom? Much like how the old VW Beatle and Kombi represented the hippy culture? Well unfortunately for VW I really hope people look past the marketing when they go looking at this car.

Powered by a 96KW Diesel Engine, the Kombi comes with the choice of a 6 speed manual (which is amazing for a car like this) or a 6 speed tiptronic and the choice of an All Wheel Drive (4Motion) version. Given that this .. van.. comes with a better gearbox than most Australian cars, it makes you wonder how on earth Holden still sleep at night selling cars with 4 speed autos!

Prices start at 55,000 for the Manual while the AWD version costs 59000. This is all part of VWs new Life and Tour marketing scheme. There is also the Caddy Camper and California for sale as well. Do you really want more info? Think before you click here