Land Rover Defender replacement confirmed

Land Rover design director Gerry McGovern has confirmed a new Land Rover Defender has been given the green light, but insists it won't look like the urban-inspired Land Rover DC100 concept of 2011.
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"I can categorically say that it will not look like DC100," McGovern told CarAdvice, despite the Land Rover receiving an overwhelmingly positive reaction to the concept's design.

McGovern said the design of the new Land Rover Defender has evolved from the DC100 and that it now has a design that is "absolutely smack-on where it needs to be."

"It will be the business," McGovern said.

“We have to be careful that we don’t fall into the retro trap, because the Defender isn’t a vehicle you would build today if you were building from scratch as it uses manufacturing techniques that are outmoded.”

The new Land Rover Defender is likely to spawn an entire family of Defender siblings from a compact SUV through to a luxury version of the iconic off-roader.

McGovern said Land Rover is also keen to target younger buyers with the new Defender range.

“I can see a version of a very small Defender that was aimed at a very youthful market. Clearly, it has to have capability, but all our vehicles have to have this, but they don’t all have to have extreme off-road capability.”

Expect to see the all-new Land Rover Defender in the market before 2015.