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Ssangyong e-XIV plug-in previews efficient new SUV

The Ssangyong e-XIV concept has been unveiled in Paris, showcasing the South Korean manufacturer's latest advancements in design and technology.
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The e-XIV (for 'electric exciting user interface vehicle') combines robust yet urban-friendly styling with an innovative plug-in hybrid powertrain that uses as little as 1.9 litres per 100km of fuel over the combined cycle.

The Ssangyong e-XIV employs a 16kWh lithium-ion battery to drive an 80kW electric motor, giving the concept a pure-electric range of approximately 80km.

As the battery discharges, a 1.0-litre two-cylinder petrol engine kicks in to spin a 20kW generator to top it up, giving the e-XIV a total range of up to 600km.

A fully depleted battery takes four hours to recharge from a standard wall socket or just 20 minutes using a fast charger.

Aiding the sleek Ssangyong’s efficiency is a roof-mounted solar panel, which converts energy from the sun to electricity to power the car’s air conditioning, audio and lighting systems.

Taking some inspiration from the highly successful Range Rover Evoque compact SUV, Ssangyong says the e-XIV concept was designed under its ‘Robust Aesthetics’ approach, combining the key styling elements of ‘Inner Dynamic and Subtle Tension’ to create a vehicle with a confident and contemporary appearance.

The cabin is equally futuristic, sporting an array of touchscreens and graphic displays, and an attractive mix of colours and materials ranging from plastic and leather to high-class metals and lightweight carbonfibre.

The four-seat layout is designed to maximise comfort and privacy for each passenger.

Ssangyong has revealed no plans to turn the e-XIV into a full-scale production model, although the design and technology showcased in the concept will influence future vehicles from the resurgent car maker.