Volkswagen plant produces first new Porsche Boxster

The first new-generation Porsche to be built at Volkswagen's Osnabruck plant in Germany has rolled off the production line, following the acquisition of the Stuttgart-based company by the ever-expanding Volkswagen Group in August.
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Destined for a customer in Bavaria, the Guards Red Porsche Boxster S is part of a production expansion strategy that Porsche says will help meet rising demand for its sports cars. The company's main factory in Stuttgart will continue to produce the new Porsche 911 and Boxster in a “mixed-model” operation on a single production line.

Volkswagen CEO Dr Martin Winterkorn said the start of Boxster production at Osnabruck was a clear sign of how quickly the two brands have formed a union.

“Production in Osnabruck means creating synergies that will benefit customers, staff and location alike,” Winterkorn said.

Porsche Boxster S - Rear

The inter-German relationship actually has a strong past with Volkswagen’s Osnabruck plant supplying parts for the Porsche Boxster since its foundation. It produced car bodies in the 1960s for the Porsche 356 hardtop coupe and for the Porsche 968 in the 1990s, as well as the full assembly of more than 115,000 Porsche 914s between 1969 and 1975.

The deal that saw Volkswagen buy the remaining 50.1 per cent stake in the performance car marque for almost 4.5 billion euros ($5.8 billion) was agreed on in July of this year.

In more positive news for Porsche, industry journal Automotive News Europe reports that a German regional court has dismissed two investor lawsuits against the company alleging market manipulation in regards to Volkswagen shares. While three further suits continue, with the involved parties seeking a combined total of 4.1 billion euros ($5.1 billion), Porsche has said it will fight the cases “with all rigor".