Mitsubishi Failing Globally

It seems that Mitsubishi's problems are not limited to their failure here in Australia. As the 380 continues to disappoint down under, Mitsubishi America has announced that they are considering pulling out of the American market completely:
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Mitsubishi has thrown down the gauntlet. If dealers can't sell its new products like the Outlander and Lancer, the company may pull out of the United States completely. Mitsubishi's product boss, Shinichi Kurihara said as much at a press event, indicating that the company's recovery rides on the success of the vehicles. The company is down 16.5 percent to 36,536 units so far this year. Predictably, dealers have responded by urging Mitsubishi brass to open up their wallets and spend more money on advertising here in the States.AutoWeek

Although I have some respect for Mitsubishi (they do make the Lancer Evo), all in all, the company has repeatedly failed to create cars that interest me. Apart from the Evo, which until just 12 months ago was not imported as a regular vehicle (limited imports) all other Mitsubishi cars, including the magna and 380 are about as boring as Toyota Camerys, however given Toyota's dominance of the market, people are far more willing to spend money on a Toyota than a Mitsubishi. This is mainly because Toyota has that 'quality' reputation going for it, and also because Mitsubishi continues to reduce its prices in order to stay in business which reduces the resell value of their own vehicles.