Top Gear all summer long from Nov 24

Clarkson, Hammond and May are set to make their return to the Australian small screen for a full summer of motoring, with SBS having announced it will begin airing Season 11 from November 24.
Top Gear all summer long from November 24
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Not only that, but SBS also plans to catch up to the UK by presenting back-to-back new episodes of Top Gear each week by immediately airing Season 12 on January 5.

The original UK trio will make their return as Top Gear Australia moves into hiatus in preparation for its second season.

“We know Top Gear fans have a real thirst for the latest antics from the British Top Gear team and so SBS has an action packed summer planned for our audience,” Director of Content, Matt Campbell said.

In the first episode, Clarkson utters that famous line "How hard can it be?" when they encounter the idea of designing their own police cars on a budget.

Top Gear all summer long from November 24

Among other highlights, Season 11 includes Clarkson's highly-anticipated review of the new Nissan GT-R as well as a race across Japan against the most efficient public transport system in the world.

The cheap car challenge makes yet another return when the hosts are each asked to buy an Alfa Romeo for just £1000 and are then faced with a series of challenges.

All new episodes of Top Gear air on SBS from Monday 24 November in its usual timeslot of 7:30pm.