The Holden Volt will make its Australian public debut at the Hunter Valley Electric Vehicle Festival on Saturday, 18th of August.
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The local car maker’s most anticipated car of 2012 will appear on the third day of the festival that takes place between 16th and 26th August and will showcase a number of electric-powered vehicles at the Newcastle Foreshore Park.

Holden's performance engineer, Dion Schulz, says the festival will be "great for spreading the word about alternative-fuel vehicles" and answering questions from members of the public.

"[People] want to know what it’s like to live with an electric car," says Schulz, "how far you can travel between charges and how easy it is to charge at home or at work. Then there are questions about how the technology works and how long it will be until everyone has an electric car on their driveway.

"The festival … will give us an opportunity to answer all those questions and more."

Holden Volt Driving - 1

Holden’s electric Volt is due to go on sale in November and will be priced from $59,990. The electric car will compete against cars such as the Nissan Leaf, but unlike its Japanese rival boasts a distinctive range extension technology.

The Volt can travel up to 87 kilometres when utilising the electric motor only, but can stretch to more than 600 kilometres when an on-board petrol engine acts as a generator to replenish battery power.

Holden, and parent company General Motors, have argued that the Volt isn’t a hybrid despite using both an electric motor and petrol engine. The company says that unlike the Toyota Prius hybrid, only the electric motor powers the Volt’s front wheels.

The battery of the Holden Volt can be manually charged via a regular household power socket, taking six hours to completely recharge. Each complete charge is said to cost just $2.50.

The Holden Volt will be available to purchase from just 49 Holden dealers nationwide.