BMW’s 3 Series Coupé a Sales Success

BMW is more than happy to inform the world that their new BMW 3 Series Coupé is selling quite well. The new generation started life in Australia in October 2006, and since than the 3 Series Coupe has gone to 729 happy homes.
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Its no surprise though, with the 335i Twin Turbo straight six engine leading the way, the 3 Series Coupe has the looks and the power to match.

“We have been very pleased to see the extremely high rate of sales the new Coupé has achieved in just four months on sale. The BMW 3 Series Coupé is one of the most admired cars in the BMW range. Its stellar performance on road is matched by its ability to win over even the sternest critics." said Tom Noble, General Manager, Marketing, BMW Group Australia.

However, all this success is nothing new for BMW, in the past ten years, the E36 and E46 generation BMW 3 Series Coupés have been very successful in the market. In the E36 generation, BMW only offered a four-cylinder engine, but with the the E46 release in 1999, the 3 Series Coupé became a six-cylinder-only model, moving up a grade to match its buyers needs.

From the start of 1997 to the end of 2006, BMW sold 11,470 3 Series Coupé models, compared with 6,938 of its closest rivals (being Mercedes-Benz), a lead of more than 65 percent. In some years the BMW outsold its rival by more than 3 to one. These figures do not even take into account the track-bred M3 supercoupé.

BMW’s 3 Series Coupé a Sales Success

Its not even Australia were the 3 Series is so successful, worldwide the 3 Series Coupé has a very special role to play in the 3 Series family. Its best sales year in the E46 generation was 78,600 sales in 2000, while its last year in full production (2005), it achieved more than 25,600 sales. In all, more than 460,000 BMW customers drove off in a new E46 3 Series Coupé.

The BMW 325i is the most popular model (both internationally and in Australia), but in Europe the 320d turbo-diesel powered coupé is the popular choice, reinforcing the Europeans affection for Diesel powered cars.
So who buys a 3 series coupe? Is it the typical mid-life crisis scenario? BMW says that most drivers are sporty, high-achieving, car-loving males in their late 40s. Which tends to fit into the picture of a mid-life crisis.

BMW is undoubtedly the leader in compact luxury sports coupés. The new generation 3 Series Coupé continues the theme of pure coupé style and performance,” said Tom Noble, General Manager, Marketing, BMW Group Australia.

Would we buy one? Absolutely! But then again we are not in our late 40s going through a divorce with 2 kids.