Australians don't know road rules

Have you ever wondered just how many drivers on Australian roads have forgotten basic road rules? A fair few, according to a study conducted by Budget Direct earlier this month.
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The study asked 1000 motorists nationwide over the age of 25 about basic road rules on parking, multi-lane roundabouts and giving way when passing through an intersection. The results? Well...

48 per cent of respondents from New South Wales do not know how to travel through a multi-lane roundabout correctly. That number rises to 49 per cent for Queensland and gets worse at 58 per cent for Victoria and and a shameful 62 per cent in South Australia.

31 per cent of Victorians do not know who should give way at a T-intersection, compared to 21 per cent in NSW and 23 per cent in Queensland.

State vs State aside, what about male vs female? The survey found that 78 per cent of men overall knew who should give way at a T-intersection compared with 70 per cent of women.

"Perhaps this calls for a major rethink from our motoring bodies on how to curb these statistics, they may need to ask themselves whether there's any value in making written tests compulsory for drivers every 10 years.'' The insurance company's general manager John Dujmovic said

We agree, although we would like to see a compulsory practical test every five years. What do you think the government needs to do to keep drivers aware of road rules.