Peugeot has today released details of a new hybrid concept car named Prologue. The French company says the name is derived from the fusion of "different worlds".

Peugeot Prologue concept

Peugeot is reluctant to share much more until the Paris Motor Show next month, but in a statement today the company said the concept shows the marquees anticipattion for future trends, showing a unique architecture, style and interior ambience. The Prologue looks far more like a production-ready car than a concept.

Peugeot Prologue concept

Under the bonnet sits a new generation hybrid engine which outputs a very impressive 147 kW while releasing a tiny 109 g/km of CO2 emissions (combined cycle). Of course, when it's running on electricity-only mode, it puts out no pollution at all.

It's becoming more and more obvious that within the next decade, hybrid and electric-only cars will be a common theme for all manufacturers.

The new Pug will debut next month at the Paris Motor Show.