Atalanta Sports Tourer revived after 75 years

Exactly 75 years after it was first unveiled, the Atalanta Sports Tourer has made a triumphant return to the British automotive scene.
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The 2012 Atalanta Sports Tourer revives a design that was first shown to the public in March 1937.

The new model is the result of a joint venture between Stratfordshire enthusiast Martyn Corfield and Cheshire restorer Trevor Farrington.

While the duo has retained the Atalanta’s traditional 1930s British sport car styling, modern technology has been used to ensure the car reaches 21


century performance and safety standards.

All the components of the car are new, and 85 per cent are unique to the Sports Tourer, including the castings, stub axles, springs, steering system and the handcrafted aluminium-over-ash body.

Corfield says the new Atalanta combines old-world charm with exhilarating driving characteristics, delivering engaging handling and driver satisfaction “even at modest speeds”.

“Our aim at Atalanta Motors is to reproduce the positive and enjoyable characteristics of vintage motoring in a reliable and usable manner that is relevant to today's driving environment,” he said.

“Atalanta is about style, innovation and performance.”

Limited commissions for the 2012 Atalanta Sports Tourer ‘Revival’ are being taken, with each car to be built to individual specifications (including the drivetrain) at the customer’s request.

Only seven of the original Atalanta sports cars remain, and just four are in working order.

Rory Watson, the son of one of Atalanta Motors’ initial founders in the 1930s, described the unveiling of the new car as an “emotional experience”.

“I never thought that something my father helped create all those years ago would be revived with this new Atalanta,” Watson said.

“I'm sure my father would be very proud of what Martyn Corfield and his team have achieved.”