NSW P Plater rules July 2007

The NSW Government has decided to stick with its knee jerk reaction restriction on P platers which will surface from July this year. However, some of these new rules are set to go live as of now. Firstly, firstyear P-plate drivers caught speeding will lose their driver’s licence for at least three months under the Government’s P-plate zero tolerance program (effective as of now).
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The NSW Government has fast tracked these new restrictions sighting more than 18,000 P1 drivers who were caught speeding during the 2005-06 financial year. I find it rather humerus that the government is measuring the statistics based on financial years!

Furthermore, rules coming in from July include a scheme for all first-year red P plate (P1) drivers to be banned from all mobile phone use while behind the wheel. This includes, hands free, bluetooth headsets, or even, (and here is the stupid part), no one else in the car can use speaker phone if a P1 plate driver is behind the wheel!

Thankfully though, its not all bad, some of the logic from motoring groups has been heard by the NSW government, and they have promised a tougher driving test for learner drivers getting their P-plates, with a solid emphasis on hazard perception and driver reactions.

Much like the new QLD laws also coming into affect from July, NSW learner drivers will sit a longer and tougher test with almost twice as much time on the road required than before.

Other notable changes to the driving laws include:

  • P1 drivers will only be able to carry one passenger under the age of 21 between 11pm and 5am. Exemptions will apply for P1 drivers with work commitments; those who need to carry family members; those engaged in community work like the rural fire service; older P1 drivers aged 25 years and over; and in emergency situations.
  • All young drivers in NSW spend a minimum of four years on the graduated licensing system.

However, restrictions are not the only thing the NSW government has in the works for beginner drivers. The Government has directly ordered the NSW Police to conduct an enforcement campaign targeting P-plate drivers. So no longer is it a cry to say "P platers are being targeted" this is now completely true, the police are after you!