Infiniti, the luxury sports car division of Nissan, is set to unveil an all-new range-extended electric concept at the 2012 Geneva motor show next month, called the Infiniti Emerg-e.
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As a taste of what to expect, the company has released some teaser images that preview a sleek, low-profile, futuristic new coupe.

From the sharp side window frames to the semi-folded flowing rear flanks, the overall design gives off a fast, fluidic aesthetic quality.

The Emerg-e will follow in the footsteps of the Infiniti Etherea concept that was unveiled at Geneva last year, only this is rear-drive, not front-wheel drive, and the engine is mid-mounted - a first for Infiniti.

The powertrain is set to comprise an electric motor which drives the car in most situations. A petrol engine is used to recharge the electric batteries while on the go.

The concept is said to provide inspiration for a range of upcoming zero-emission sports cars from Infiniti that we can expect in the coming years.

All will be revealed at the Geneva show, starting March 6.