Cars and their Image

If you are here reading this site I would be safe to suggest that you have some sort of interest in cars, or at the very least you are trying to find some information about a particular type of car. For those of us who are car enthusiasts, its obvious that we care a great deal about our cars, we want them to run at their maximum potential (without compromising safety).
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But what about the rest of the non car loving world. Those who simply see a car as a method of transportation? Does anyone car that your car has over 200kW at the wheels? CarsGuide conducted a survey to find out if the myth was true, that Australian women care about the car of their potential partners.

The survey found that 42 per cent of Australian women are impressed by a man who drives a nice car. Of course the definition of a nice car can vary from person to person. So thats not even half of the females surveyed! But at least 55% of participants agreed that the car someone drives represents them as person.

Not suprisingly though, 61% of male participants said women were impressed by a guy who owns a cool car. Also 42% felt that looking good behind the wheel is important.

What does this all say about Australian drivers? Well 32% of male respondents agreed that driving a V8 would make them cool and 31% of women thought the same of a nice convertible.