Victoria to close demerit-point loophole

The Victorian Government will next year close a legal loophole that allows speeding drivers and other traffic offenders to pay a higher fine to dodge gaining demerit points on their licences.
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A News Limited report revealed that approximately 50,000 drivers each year have elected to pay a higher fine, leading to government revenue of $112 million over three years.

Under the loophole, drivers can accept a $717 fine on top of their initial fine and avoid gaining demerit points if they don’t tell police who was driving at the time of the offence.

Drivers can pay the additional ‘failure to notify a driver’ fine as many times as they wish to dodge demerit points.

Approximately 158,000 motorists have paid the extra fine in the past three financial years, with a police source telling News Limited reporters that truck and taxi drivers and companies were among the worst offenders.

Victoria’s Roads Minister, Terry Mulder, confirmed the loophole would be closed in the New Year to ensure drivers and companies were more accountable for their actions on the road.

In Victoria, a driver may have their licence suspended for three months or more if they get 12 demerit points over a three-year period.