Queensland Police has been trialling a new hand-held speed camera device (TruCAM) since September that is capable of issuing tickets automatically without the need for police to chase down the offender.

The new cameras will be trialled in nine months as police urge motorists to slow down, particularly over the Christmas break. Queensland Police hopes the cameras will help reduce state's road toll, which currently stands at 258 (up 22 from last year).

Using a built-in digital video, the TruCAM speed camera is able to detect speeding drivers and issue a ticket automatically. It also comes with facial recognition technology that can outline the driver, reducing the offender's ability to pass on the fine to a family member or friend to escape the points.

Using a hand-held speed camera will allow police to issue more tickets per roadside shift, as the officer doesn't need to make contact with every speeding driver. South Eastern police region traffic co-ordinator Inspector Karen Shaw recently said,

"It automatically issues speeding tickets, like a fixed speed camera. So you could do one four-hour deployment and pick up 260 speeding motorists."

Ten of the cameras are in use across the state's 10 police regions.

(overseas model pictured)