Hyundai USA has released a stunt driving video starring professional drift and hill-climb driver Rhys Millen who plays out a Hyundai Genesis Coupe drift car heist. The stunts take place at the former Hyundai USA headquarters.
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Fans of the various Ken Block videos will appreciate this one. The storyline behind it involves Millen thieving the Hyundai Genesis Coupe drift car, the one Millen drives in competition, from a mantlepiece in front of the headquarters.

In attempts to escape from the security guard, who drives a small golf-kart-like vehicle, Millen demonstrates some of his drifting skills by mocking/drifting around him. Millen also wreaks havoc in the soon-to-be demolished Hyundai HQ facilities by sliding the Genesis through buildings and around the carparks, just missing obstacles on every turn.