Dartz Jo-MOJO bulletproof convertible headed to Monaco

A bulletproof convertible might sound a little oxymoronic (or simply moronic), but that's exactly what Latvian armoured-car maker Dartz is bringing to Top Marques Monaco in April.
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The Dartz Jo-MOJO is a lightly armoured electric roadster drawing inspiration from the car maker’s military-style SUV, the Prombron.

Dartz says the “pint-sized mischief maker” combines a low centre of gravity with wide wheel placement to create a car that has “fantastic handling characteristics” and offers a smooth ride.

Powered by a 60kW/122Nm electric motor, the Jo-MOJO accelerates from 0-100km/h in 9.5 seconds and will go on to reach a top speed of 201km/h. The Latvian manufacturer says the Jo-MOJO’s performance, presence and attitude mean it can “start a fight with even its most notorious rivals” – although it says nothing about finishing them.

Perhaps the most innovative feature is the retractable cockpit cover, which incorporates flexible solar cells developed by former Soviet space manufacturer, Sidrabe, to absorb sunlight and recharge the car’s battery.

Finished with patented bullet wheels and a ‘chameleon’ paint job, Dartz says the Jo-MOJO has been designed for the streets of the French Riviera and has “a personality that will light up any party”.

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