The majority of female drivers say they feel more nervous and anxious when their partner is also in the car, according to the results of a survey by UK insurance company Aviva.
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The research revealed women are less likely to get behind the wheel when in the car with their partner, often because of a lack of confidence in their own driving ability. In total, 43 per cent of men identify themselves as “the driver” in the relationship (the one who does the majority of the trips) compared with just 10 per cent of women.

It seems men do not feel the same levels of self-consciousness, however, and 10 per cent admit they actually drive more carefully when in the car with their partner.

Adding to female drivers’ lower confidence levels is the revelation that nine per cent of men ban their partners from driving their car. More than a quarter of those believe their car is too powerful for their female partner, and one in five say it’s because they are a better driver than their partner. One in six men do not believe their partner is competent at parking.

Blokes aren’t perfect according to the ladies, however. Thirteen per cent think their male partner is overconfident behind the wheel and one in 10 believes they drive recklessly or too fast.

An Aviva spokesperson encouraged couples to share driving in all conditions to ensure both sides kept their skills sharp.

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