Peugeot 407 Radiator Cooling Fan Recall

Manufacturer: Peugeot Automobiles Australia
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Peugeot 407 Radiator Cooling Fan Recall

Product Model: 407 ES9A, DW10

Target Number: 311

VIN Range: VF36JXFVJ21451546 to F36JXFVJ21509280. VF36DRHRJ21442962 to VF36DRHRJ21482854. VF36ERHRJ21462340 to VF36ERHRJ21507349. VF36DXFVJ21459405 to VF36DXFVJ21494675. VF36EXFVJ21455191 to VF36EXFVJ21473569.

Defect Details: Risk of vehicle overheating or in rare cases, the extreme overheating of the cooling fan motor causing fire.

Consumer action:
Contact your local Peugeot dealer. A registered letter is being sent to all owners contactable by Peugeot Automobiles Australia within the affected VIN range.

Market Coverage:

Recall Coverage: National