Bugatti Veyron Grand Sport custom trio at Dubai Show

It’s the sort of stand you could only find at the Dubai International Motor Show: three Bugatti Veyron Grand Sports finished in colour combinations you could barely dream of.
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The first is inspired by the French manufacturer’s founder, Ettore Bugatti, whose favourite colours were yellow and black. The exterior sports a bright yellow body, black carbon and black wheels. The seats are yellow with black stitching, while the dashboard, steering wheel and gearshift are inverted, covered in black leather with yellow stitching.

The Richmond Tigers-themed Veyron Grand Sport is available for 1.58 million euros ($2.12 million).

The second personalised Veyron also gets a two-tone horizontal colour split, although this time the combination is visible blue carbon and polished anodised aluminium. In stark contrast, the interior is finished with tangerine leather, while the dash and steering wheel are a more refined indigo blue.

This one doesn’t come cheap, priced a little higher at 1.74 million euros ($2.33 million).

The final creation is a little more conservative, incorporating green carbon fibre and polished aluminium, and the same silver and green combination in the cabin.

Like the second design, it is worth 1.74 million euros.

The three concepts are all pretty impressive, although incredibly they’re not the wildest combinations you can have (check out our efforts on the Veyron online configurator if you dare).

The Bugatti Veyron Grand Sport is limited to just 150 units. The first 45 have been sold, which means there are still 105 waiting to be snapped up – for those of us who have a lazy $2 million lying around.