2007 Honda Civic Type R

Is it coming? No.. well, no one really knows yet, Honda refuse to give a yes or no, but they assure us that they are working hard on proving a good business case to get the Type R (or at least the S) Civic down under. However, lets focus on a more important question, is it even worth the wait?
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Two british car websites recently reviewed the Civic Type R, one says:

The brief was to build a new Type R that exhibits all the brio of the old model, yet makes a giant leap in terms of refinement and usability that customers now want. Maybe it’s what they always wanted. The main thing is that it worked. The new Type R is quieter, more comfortable and just plain more enjoyable in day-to-day driving than the car it replaces. Car Online

Whilst the other says

tipping 1338kg on our scales. With the 2.0-litre i-VTEC engine only cranking out 142lb ft of torque at a high 5600rpm, the latest Type-R only really feels quick once you’ve reached the last few hundred rpm near the screaming 8000rpm cut-out point ... it isn’t quite the car we'd hoped for. Auto Car

I guess we won't know till we drive it, if we ever get to drive it! I think Honda would do themselves a great big favour if they brought the Type-R civic to Australia, there are more than enough Type-R badged Civics going around showing how interested young Honda buyers are about looking more sporty, so why not have some real ones!