2013 MINI Cooper spy shots

MINI has been spotted testing a prototype of the 2013 MINI Cooper. This is the second time the car has been spotted in prototype form.
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The 2013 MINI Cooper will be built on the new BMW UKL1 platform. The platform will underpin a new range of MINI and BMW small hatches, including the next-generation BMW 1 Series which is expected to be much smaller than the current model, making way for a possible 2 Series (1 Series-size replacement).

BMW's UKL1 platform is very versatile, accommodating both front- and all-wheel drive layouts in various sizes. The platform will be used on up to 10 different new MINI variants that are planned for the 2013 model, including a new Coupe and Roadster.

Major changes for the new model include larger dimensions in both length and width, providing more interior room and boot space. The larger size will also make way for an all-new, smaller, MINI Rocketman variant that is being planned.

As for the powerplants, MINI will be adopting a range of four-cylinder engines similar to the current line-up. A new three-cylinder entry-level engine is also in the mix, providing super-fuel-efficient consumption figures. The smaller engine will be used in a range of upcoming BMW models as well.

Inside, despite this prototype featuring a more conventional dash design compared with all of the current and previous generation MINIs, the new model will follow tradition and feature a funky centre-mounted gauge.

The 2013 MINI Cooper is set to be unveiled sometime in 2012, with market entry likely to take place in 2013.

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