Digital radio for new Camry Atara

At the recent Toyota Yaris launch, Toyota Corporate Manager Product Planning, Greg Gardner hinted at technology on the upcoming local product (new Camry, named the Atara).
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When asked about digital radio implementation, Mr Gardner said, "Digital radio is something we are going to have some good news about when talking about our locally manufactured vehicles and cars with audio locally fitted [such as Yaris]."

Launched in Australia in July, 2009, digital radio allows users to listen to crystal clear radio that is delivered over a high-quality stream. There are many radio stations currently broadcasting in digital. Much like digital television fitted to some cars, getting reception while on the move can sometimes be an issue.

Mr Gardner elaborated on the current hold up, saying "One of the biggest challenges we have faced is to put an aerial in to try and get good reception. It's something we're working on and it's something that we are looking to use further in the range".

Although numerous cars imported from abroad have digital radio capabilities, only a handful of importing manufacturers have activated the technology. The size of Australia and population density makes it hard to transmit a quality signal that is capable of covering a large distance.

CarAdvice will keep you posted as more information comes to hand about the new Toyota Camry Atara.